What is Tear ducts obstruction?

There is a tear drainage system in the eye whereas tear gland produces tears and they go through the eye for lubrication and protection purpose. Tears pass through tear ducts which stretch from the eye into a nose. When these tear ducts get either partially or completely obstructed, tear cannot drain normally causing watery, irritated or chronically infected eye

Tear ducts obstruction Systoms

Symptoms of a blocked tear ducts include excessive tearing, recurrent eye infection or inflammation. It might also lead to painful swelling, blurred vision and crusting of the eyelids

Treatment for Tear ducts obstruction

Usually for babies this condition does not need treatment. Some precautions should be followed to prevent infections until blockage passes. If infection develop antibiotics might be needed. If tear ducts obstruction does not clear on its own probing procedure might be necessary. Though in rare cases the condition might have severe problem that require more complex surgery

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